Palo Santo Sticks (Bulk)

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Palo Santo Sticks (Bulk)

Palo santo, or ‘holy wood’, is a very fragrant natural wood that makes a wonderful clean incense smoke. But being so fragrant, it also makes a great scented altar piece without being burnt.

Palo santo is my absolute favorite smudge!  I don't like sage... not at all!  But, palo santo has a beautiful clean smoke with a fantastic fragrance.

To burn palo santo, light the end with a lighter or candle, holder at an angle so that the flame lights the full end of the stick, blow out the flame, and smudge as you wish. You may need to continue to blow on the ember to keep the stick burning. When finished, place the stick on a flame proof dish. It will extinguish on its own.

Never leave burning things unattended, or around children or pets.

This is a bulk listing for 4" palo santo sticks in varying quantities.  There are no crystals included.

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