Frequency LLC offers competitive wholesale pricing for all handmade products on various outlets.  Right now, Faire offers the best deal for retailers.  We are currently on Faire, Abound, and Tundra.  Links for all are below. 

You can also shop directly with me through Handshake, but payment is required upfront.

For customers outside of the US, please shop using the Tundra link below! You can find Frequency on Tundra by following this link. Enjoy low minimums, net terms, and other benefits. International wholesale orders can be placed through our Tundra storefront.



We are also available on Faire, with the link below you get nice perks like $100 on your first order, NET60 terms, and free shipping for a year!



Get free shipping for 1 year and $100 in initial store credit through Abound! Use the link below to create an account in Abound.

Shop Frequency on Abound!


For any other inquiries such as other ways to shop, custom products, or high volume orders feel free to email us as sales@frequencyspray.com