Covid-19 Update

Our hearts and thoughts go out to everyone affected by the novel coronavirus. The entire world is grappling with it, and if there is one thing we have seen, it is that human beings continue to inspire us with their bravery, strength, and willingness to help others. I sincerely hope you all stay healthy and happy.


At this time, Frequency continues to operate, ship orders, and manufacture products. We are taking every precaution to clean, disinfect, and stay healthy. We are also practicing strong social isolation to prevent potentially carrying the virus to others and hope that you are doing the same. The advantage of being such a small business is the ability to isolate, so for now, we are continuing to process orders. If the situation changes, I will update you.


Please only heed advice from the CDC, WHO, or your physician. Community spread of misinformation can be extremely dangerous. As much as I love essential oils, there is no evidence that they can protect you from this virus.


Stay happy. Stay healthy. I'll see you on the other side!