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Resin Incense Burner Kit

Frequency LLC

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Resin Incense Burner Kit
Resin Incense Burner Kit
Resin Incense Burner Kit
Resin Incense Burner Kit

Resin is one of the most ancient forms of incense. These pure resins were burnt to release the most amazing, cleansing, and powerful scents. Magical, mystical, and intensely energetic. The tiniest piece of resin produces copious amounts of clean and intense smoke. 

This kit comes with a brass resin incense burner and 1oz of incense in a tin with red carnelian. Start with the smallest piece you can because it will provides lot more smoke and fragrance than you may expect.

The brass burner comes with an engraved wooden disc to place it on.

If you’ve never used resin incense before, please be sure to remember that the charcoal and burner will remain dangerously hot for at least an hour. Be sure to invert the screen so that it creates a bowl to prevent anything from falling off the burner. Keep everything far away from children and pets. And of course ensure that you are burning your incense on a fire proof surface.

I recommend watching a video on how to do the process. A quick search will provide a ton of resources.

Choose your favorite fragrance!

This listing does not come with charcoal discs.

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