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Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pyramid

Frequency LLC

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Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pyramid
Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pyramid
Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pyramid

The large Lapis Lazuli Crystal Pyramids were featured in the April 2018 Frequency Box.  The amazing blues, whites, and gold flecks in these crystals are reminiscent of waves crashing on a beautiful beach.  As an altar piece, the lapis pyramids are a great focus for meditation.

These are natural stone pyramids.  Overall color will vary from piece to piece.  Some will be more striated while others are more blended.  Each pyramid is unique!

As with all Frequency crystals, they are cleansed with palo santo smoke prior to shipping.

Heights will vary, I measure size as the length of one side of the square base.

Small: 1.5-1.75"

Medium: 1.75-2"

Large: 2"+

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