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October 2018 Grounding Frequency Box

Frequency LLC

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October 2018 Grounding Frequency Box
October 2018 Grounding Frequency Box
October 2018 Grounding Frequency Box
October 2018 Grounding Frequency Box
October 2018 Grounding Frequency Box



October is one of my favorite months of the year. It marks the transition to fall, cooler weather, and the holiday season. This is the month when the veil is thinnest, that separation between this world and the next is barely visible. And it is the last chance we have to get ourselves ready for the chaos, and sometimes heartache, of the holiday season. With all of these effects combined, getting Grounded is of the utmost importance. It helps us to stay present, focused, and prepared for the magical times to come.

GROUNDING ESSENTIAL OIL ($9.99): Earthy dark, Grounding Essential Oil is full of heady plants to help us keep our feet planted firmly in the earth. With the addition of Tree Agate, the stones and oils work together to assist us with growing deep roots, that then allow our branches to reach the tallest skies. Diffuse for up to 1 hour, 3 times a day. Apply a couple of drops to your feet to keep the connection with the earth.

CEDARWOOD ESSENTIAL OIL ($7.99): Cedar promotes wellness, grounding and vitality so it is perfect for diffusing after a rough day to get yourself back on track. Cedar chests were made to keep moths away form clothes for a reason, bugs don’t like cedar. Sprinkle a couple of drops at the entrances to your home to help keep critters out. Diffuse for up to 1 hour for super grounding and invigorating properties.

GROUNDING CRYSTAL DIFFUSER CLIP ($7.99): This Grounding Crystal Diffuser Clip is an easy way to take your oils with you. Apply 1-2 drops of essential oil to the lava rock, allow to soak in for 1-2 minutes, wipe off excess, then clip to anything! You clip it to your purse, backpack, keychain, lanyard, belt loop, anything! The Grounding version has Tree Agate stones to compliment the oils in this box, wooden beads to help you plant to the earth, and lava rock from deep inside the earth’s crust. Along with the beads, there is a feather charm to remind you that grounding is essential, but don’t forget to fly!

PALO SANTO, ABALONE, AND QUARTZ SMUDGE ($11.99): Palo Santo is my favorite natural incense and smudge. It’s smoke is clean, fragrant, and helps cleanse the energies of the environment around you. Fill the abalone shell with the quartz as a dish to place your palo santo between burnings.

SELENITE TOWER ($11.99) AND TUMBLED HEMATITE ($1.90): Selenite is a popular crystal lately for its cleansing and emotionally stabilizing properties. It helps to clear negative energies and balance vibrations. Hematite is a classic grounding stone. Combined, they make a powerhouse couple for grounding and balancing… especially in a crystal grid…


Metatron’s Cube Crystal Grid Cloth ($20.00): Carrie Borgen of Crystal Grids makes the most beautiful crystal grids and crystal grid cloths. This Metatron’s Cube cloth is 100% natural cotton, hand printed with sacred geometry, and even machine washable. Try clearing your space with the palo santo, setting your thoughts and intentions to grounding, spread out the crystal grid cloth on a table, put the selenite tower in the center, spread the hematite around the 6 points, and add any other crystal you have that you are drawn to. Leave this decorative display up as long as you need.

You can find more of Carrie’s amazing creations at…


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