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June 2018 Frequency Box

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June 2018 Frequency Box
June 2018 Frequency Box
June 2018 Frequency Box
June 2018 Frequency Box



Warmth is such a vital part of our being. It represents comfort, love, security, and health. The sunshine provides the energy and heat for plants to grow and gives this amazing planet the perfect environment for us to thrive. Dive into the coming summer summer months, welcome the warmth, and embrace the sunshine!

POSITIVITY ESSENTIAL OIL ($9.99): Hands down, this is my most popular essential oil. Crafted to bring comforting liquid sunshine into your life, Positivity combines bright citrus with a hint of clove for added warmth. Diffuse for up to 1 hour, use to refresh your home and drive out the winter doldrums.

CITRONELLA ESSENTIAL OIL ($7.99): Chase the bugs away with all-natural citronella essential oil. Critters don’t like the smell, so it is a friendly (and uplifting) way to keep them at bay. Use it in a diffuser, on diffuser jewelry, or add a drop to a plain candle prior to lighting.

BLOOD ORANGE ESSENTIAL OIL ($7.99): Blood orange essential oil is perfect for uplifting you during a stressful day. Use it during meditation to help transport you to a perfect summer picnic, with warm sunshine, and fresh citrus. It is both calming and exhilarating! Diffuse for up to 1 hour, can be used in place of sweet orange oil for most applications.

BLOOD ORANGE CRYSTAL INCENSE ($5.99): This tin of crystal incense makes use of the comforting and uplifting effects of blood orange essential oil to create an experience akin to the comforts of going home for the summer. Use as potpourri, ritual salts, meditation assist, or even covered with water and simmered.

POSITIVITY ROLLER ($9.99): This is liquid sunshine in a bottle. This little roller contains pure essential oils and botanicals in a blend of carrier oils so it’s ready to go at a moments notice!

CANDLE DIFFUSER ($4.99): Using the heat from a candle brings diffusing essential oils into entirely new territory. Particularly, when combined with fruity, citrusy, and warm oils the heat brings a fuller and richer experience to diffusion. Use this diffuser with any Frequency Essential Oil, or even use it as a simmer pot or tart warmer.

CITRINE CLUSTER ($4.99): Citrine is the perfect crystal for capturing the warmth and brightness of both sunlight and citrus. It is said to assist with warmth, enlightenment, happiness, success, and optimism.


Sunstone and Lava Rock Diffuser Bracelet ($20.00): Natalie handmade these stretch diffuser bracelets custom for the Frequency June Box! Combining lava rock, which is born of the intense heat within the earth, and sunstone to emulate the sunshine, these bracelets are the perfect way to use the warmth of your body to diffuse your oils. Apply 1 drop of essential oil to the lava rock, allow it to soak in for a few minutes, wipe off the excess, and go about your day.

Natalie is an accomplished yogini and artisan. She has an amazing and inspiring passion for helping others. She is located in AZ and offers group and private yoga classes, mala making workshops, etc. Please visit her at…


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