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Chill: Frequency Box, August 2018

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Chill: Frequency Box, August 2018




August represents the longest and hottest part of the summer for me. It is the month that seems to drag on forever without any relief from the intense heat. To top it all off, it completely zaps all of my energy! But not this year! This year we are going to fight back! We will not let it wear us down. We can take tiny little moments to bring coolness and relief into our day.  And just… Chill.


CLARITY ESSENTIAL OIL ($9.99): An immensely refreshing and uplifting blend of spearmint, rosemary, and eucalyptus that is paired with fruity and summery lime. Clarity is my favorite essential oil to keep me awake during the mid-afternoon slump at work. It is cooling and refreshing, especially during those super hot summers. Try using Clarity in the car by adding a few drops to a piece of felt and place it in the air vent. Add a few drops to a wet towel when wiping down non-porous surfaces (such as your desk at work) to not only cleanse but uplift!


LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL ($8.99): Did you know that lavender is part of the mint family? Most of our culinary herbs are related and part of this family, but it is so fitting for lavender! When we need to chill, mint and lavender are the best weapons! Lavender helps calm the body, mind and soul so that we can chill from the inside out. Add a couple of drops to a cool bath for a relaxing soak. Use 1-2 drops with an unscented lotion to relax and soothe the skin. Add a couple of drops to your pillow, diffuse by the bed, or have on a cloth under the bed to help you sleep.


EUCALYPTUS SORE MUSCLE RUB ($14.99): Eucalyptus is one of the most common essential oils in ‘mainstream medicine’. Eucalyptus is used to relax and cool sore muscles and help clear the sinuses. This potent blend of pure eucalyptus essential oil and nut-free carrier oils is soaked up by the skin for fast acting relief. Be sure to keep it away from sensitive skin, mucus membranes, and those super intimate areas and wash your hands thoroughly after rubbing it in!


PEPPERMINT AND TEA TREE SOAP ($6.99): Who says a hot shower can’t be refreshing in the summer? When it’s full of cooling peppermint and skin soothing tea tree, yes it can!


GREEN AVENTURINE ENERGY GENERATOR ($14.99): Green aventurine is said to have anti-inflammatory and soothing properties, as well as bringing luck and success (source: And with that cooling minty color, it’s no wonder that meditating with it can help us chill. The energy generator configuration helps to amplify the energy of the crystals for a serious power punch!



Talisman High-Vibe Scrub ($10.00): Debbie Schaffer of Enchanted Botanicals is what I would consider an Earth Whisperer. She has mastered the fine art of turning nature into remedies for body, mind, and spirit. For the August box, she has crafted a seriously high-vibe mint and grapefruit scrub. The nourishing oils soak right in and leave my hands feeling baby soft and help to mentally prepare myself for some serious ritual and energy work.  You’ll also find a little prehnitecrystal tucked inside and bamboo spoon for scooping the scrub.


You can find more of Debbie’s amazing creations and inspiring imagery at…



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