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April 2018 Frequency Box

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April 2018 Frequency Box

This listing is for 1 of the April 2018 Frequency Boxes.  Limited quantities available.

When we think about water, one can’t help but associate water with life. It is the base of all living things. It is cleansing and can represent both flow and complete serenity and stillness. These essential oils and products were chosen to help you find balance, cleansing, and opening your mind to free flowing thoughts.


FRANKINCENSE ESSENTIAL OIL ($8.99): Perhaps the most famous scent of all time. Frankincense promotes spiritual harmony and sense of comfort. Diffuse for up to 1 hour, add to an unscented lotion, or use as an anointing oil prior to meditation.


EUCALYPTUS ESSENTIAL OIL ($7.99): Strong and refreshing, eucalyptus carries the essence of ice cold mountain streams. It has antiseptic properties and can help cleanse and clear breathing passages when diffused (try combining with Lemon Essential Oil).


LEMON ESSENTIAL OIL ($7.99): Lemon is refreshing, cleansing, and invigorating. Adding a few drops to a spray bottle with water and wiping down surfaces leaves your home smelling fresh and uplifting (avoid stone and granite countertops). Diffused it brings a sense a joy and positivity. Try adding a few drops to refresh your garbage disposal.


CLARITY SPRAY ($8.99): My favorite Frequency Aroma Spray for clarity of mind and helping my thoughts to flow. It helps me wake up and focus, especially at work. Be sure to shake well to distribute the essential oils prior to spraying. Can be a body or environment spray.


LAPIZ LAZULI PYRAMID ($14.99): The dynamic patterns and gold flecks in these lapis lazuli pyramids are reminiscent of crashing waves on a golden beach. Lapis lazuli is said to help bring inner peace and clear the mind.


LAVENDER ($1.99): Does lavender ever need an excuse? Calming and balancing.



HIRSCHBAR WATER ELEMENT SOAP ($7.00) AND CANDLE ($7.00): The Hirschbarhusband and wife team have handcrafted these all-natural Water Element Soap and Soy Candles in accordance with Traditional Chinese 5-Element Theory to assist you in replenishing the water element aspect in your life through your senses.


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