Peace Begins With Me

Peace Begins With Me

“The capacity to be mindful is associated with higher well-being in daily life.” - David Creswell




Meditation, Mindfulness, and Intention are the cornerstones of Frequency and the reason I began this journey. Sometimes I forget. Sometimes I get overwhelmed and emotional. Sometimes I feel like giving up. But then I see something and remember. Remember who I am. Remember what I do and why I do it. Remember what I believe. And it all comes back. These things help me remember and calm my mind. A good smudge can change everything. 


I posted the above to Instagram yesterday and I wanted to share it with you. It has taken me a while to find my routine for beginning a session in my sacred space. By session, this could be a meditation, tarot card reading, or just a few moments of peace. 


I dont know about about the rest of you, but I really dislike sage. I don’t like it at all! This may be sacrilege in this community, lol, but it’s true. And I don’t think I’m alone. I am so very sensitive to scents and they instantly transport me to places and times so I’ve tried using so many different smudges over the years. Essential oils work great, nag champa incense is my friend, and then there is palo santo. 



Palo santo has been a game changer for me. Every now and then you come across something that carries ancient wisdom with it. From the first smudge, it felt comforting, cleansing, and almost a rememberance of knowledge lost. It has helped me feel connected with the earth and all of the souls that have come before me. 


If if you’ve tried sage and don’t care for it, don’t worry. You aren’t alone! And I encourage you to not give up!! I felt like giving up on smudging for so long but the search paid off and once I found what worked for me changed my life. I hope you are able to find your smudge!


I have quite a few different palo santo offerings if you want to try it. The most recent are smudge kits with an abalone shell and raw quartz for a beautiful and high vibe receptacle for your burning smudge. 


 With Love and Light,



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