Feel the vibrations around you…


Change the Frequency!

Frequency LLC began with a search.  I was looking for a full sensory aromatherapy experience.  Not just a essential oil, but something more.  A spray that I could use as a body spray, room spray, or an environment spray to assist with meditation.  Something with crystal energy, sight, and sound.  Something to aid in the journey to calm my mind, ground myself, and focus.  Something magical, mystical, and full of joy and wonder…  I found a few options that were close… but close wasn’t going to cut it.

So I made it myself.  And it was wonderful!

After much research, a plethora of recipe trials and errors, a lot of learning, and a whole lot of positive energy and love, I created the first collection.  Grounding.  Peace.  Clarity.  Positivity.

I quickly realized that the essential oil blends lent themselves to be useful in many aspects of my life and I began to expand into other methods of use; such as soaps and bath teas (Meditation Bath).  I use these products every day to assist in meditation, relaxation, and focusing on my goals.  I can’t even begin to describe the positive impact they have had on my life and outlook.

Combined with a desire to help others calm their minds and achieve their goals, Frequency LLC was born.  Life is too short to not enjoy every single moment.

I wish you all love, light, and happiness!